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What to Expect for New Patients

At Thornton Chiropractic, we understand that each individual is at a different stage of their health journey.

We’re here to work with you in meeting your needs and goals, educating you along the way so that you understand how best to maintain your health.

We invite you to relax in our comfortable, family-friendly environment!

Getting Started

At your first appointment:

  • Please bring any recent spinal X-rays.
  • We have our new patient forms available in the column on the right. Print and fill in to save you time if you prefer.
  • If possible please dress in comfortable loose clothes.

Dr Heidi Upneck-Nel (Chiropractor) will sit down with you for a consultation, in order to get the full picture about your health history and current complaint. We’ll start a thorough examination that includes orthopaedic and neurological tests. Heidi will gently palpate your spine to see how it’s functioning.

If necessary, we’ll refer you out for some postural spinal X-rays at a local imaging company. We look forward to seeing you for a second appointment to review our findings and give you your first chiropractic adjustment, Please note:  Heidi may decide to adjust at your initial appointment this fee is not included in your initial consultation fee as each patient is uniuqe and it would depend largely on her finding during her initial consultation with you.



We complete a thorough examination before giving you your first chiropractic adjustment.

We complete a thorough examination before giving you your first chiropractic adjustment.

The Second Visit

Heidi will have spent time evaluating any X-rays that were taken and the findings from your examination by the time you see us for your second visit.

We’ll create a specific plan to make the changes you desire and discuss in detail what you can expect from an adjustment. We can discuss which techniques are most appropriate for you and how you’ll likely respond. Heidi may also recommend actions you can take at home that speed your healing process.

Holiday Visitors

If you’re a holiday visitor, please bring in your past medical records (if you have them) to allow us to review your history before giving you an adjustment.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!


  • Initial consultation and Examination  fee (excluding the adjustment) from $75 to $95
  • Regular adjustment fee from $45 to $60
  • Concession, student and family rates may apply, kindly confirm.
  • EPC and DVA patients welcome.
  • HICAPS is available.
  • New Patient will need to Pay a $30.00 deposit fee, this is non refundable should you miss your appointment.

Book a “Is Chiro the right fit for me” Courtesy Consultation”

We understand that trying something new can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re wondering whether chiropractic might work for you, we invite you to ring us to talk things over. We can also schedule you for a consultation with Heidi to determine what the best decision is for you.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today!